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We are Search Quest America, a licensed Private Investigation firm located in Florida that specializes in Nationwide Family search services. Reuniting thousands of Adoptees with their Birth Families, we are the first agency you should call if you interested in starting a search for your Birth Family. The most frequent question we receive is, "how do I find my Birth Family". We can help!

Our team has a stellar reputation as professional Family and Birth Family search specialists. Our unique search service options are the most reasonably priced in the industry. Our search program allows new clients the opportunity to work "in partnership" with a licensed investigative team to successfully locate their missing Friend or Loved one.


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Our Team

Our team has a stellar reputation as professional family and birth family search specialists.

We Are Reunion Experts

This experienced team of private investigators and research specialists understand Adoption search on a personal level. Our staff is uniquely comprised of Adoptees, Birth Parents or Birth Family members who have successfully searched for their own missing Family members and have experienced Reunion first hand.

Susan Friel-Williams

Susan Friel-Williams, Administration Team

Susan is the CEO, Case Manager and Lead Investigator, living in sunny Cape Coral, Florida. She is a licensed investigator in Florida and has been working in the research field for over 25 years. She is a reunited adoptee, well versed in reunion issues, with over 5,000 successful solves. She is a California specialist and her favorite part of reuniting clients is "healing hearts, answering lifelong questions, and finding out the 'rest' of the story."

Susan is the Designer and Administrator of She is also a former search coordinator for Adoptees in Search in Denver, Colorado, and a former adoption forum leader for America Online. Susan is former member of Troy's Angel Team on The Locator TV Show.

Lane Williams

Lane Williams, Administration Team

Lane is the Chief Technology Officer also from Cape Coral, FL, he has been working in his field for 27 years. His background is extensive; aside from being a licensed private investigator, Lane received his education through the U.S. Air Force and ITT Technical Institute, and then worked for the Idaho State Police and Hewlett Packard.

Lane is a devoted husband and father, and enjoys photography and community service. His coworkers call him the technology "wizard" because he single-handedly designs, maintains, and dreams up new projects, including this website and several others, like Lane enjoys working in partnership with his wife, Susan Friel-Williams, to reunite people and says his favorite part is "seeing the joy people feel when they find the truth." Lane is a former member of Troy's Angel Team on The Locator TV Show.

Jennifer Villafana

Jennifer Villafana, Consultant Team

Jennifer lives in Lakewood, California with her husband and two beautiful children. She has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with an Emphasis in Communications from Loyola Marymount University. After obtaining her law degree from Southwestern Law School, she practiced law for three years before starting her family. Jennifer is excited to use her legal knowledge and experience while helping others to reconnect with their family.

Melva Smith

Melva Smith, Consultant Team

She was born, raised and adopted in Redding, California and then moved to Sevierville, Tennessee in the early 80's where she began a career driving 18 commercial vehicles.

She spent several years as an instructor at a driving school for commercial drivers before resuming her own driving career. After a difficult accident forced to spend time at home, she discovered her passion for research and genealogy.

Melva is an adoptee who did her own research and retrieved most of her puzzle pieces, but with 1 confusing statement on her non-id, she thought she was on the wrong track. She met the CEO of Search Quest America online who then helped her put those pieces together.

In February of 2013 she was reunited with her birth mother, sister and one of three brothers.

Although Melva is new to Search Quest America, she wants to help others find the missing peace in their lives.

Stephanie Shearman Wyatt

Stephanie Shearman Wyatt, Consultant Team

Although she's relatively new to the search and reunion field, Stephanie has longed for her father, who is an adoptee, to be reunited with his birth family for her entire life.

Stephanie is an Army Brat and has lived in locations around the world, but currently calls Arkansas home. She and her husband have been married for more than 8 years and have two young children.

Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Journalism with an Emphasis in Public Relations from Arkansas State University. She worked in public relations for a Fortune 500 Company for five years prior to joining Search Quest America's team.

Stephanie's passion is genetic genealogy because as she says, "DNA cannot lie!" Stephanie has tested with three major genetic genealogy companies and encourages everyone to do the same.

Tim Lawrence

Tim Lawrence, Consultant Team

Tim Lawrence has had a truly rewarding and successful career working for private schools and non-profits as an educator, program director and project manager. He lives in San Diego with his wife and two children.

Since 1995, Tim has worked tirelessly to create programs and develop projects to effectively change the lives of at-risk teens and their families throughout San Diego County. In 2002 he was challenged to create programs to educate homeless and at-risk teens in addition to developing a new project aimed at providing stable housing to youth that had been displaced by the foster system.

Having had 5 adopted siblings and experience with both adoption and foster agencies, Tim understands the range of emotions one might feel when searching for a lost family member. Tim's passion and motivation set him apart as he is truly focused on the mission of helping others.

Debra Allen

Debra Allen, Research Team

Debra Allen is a certified Confidential Intermediary for the State of Arizona a division of the Supreme Court.

Debra has been involved in genealogy and reuniting families for over 25 years. She prides herself on conducting a through search and she doesn't let the smallest details go undocumented. Debra is a retired law enforcement officer with experience in crimes against children, homicide, missing persons and narcotics investigations.

Diane Harman-Hoog

Diane Harman-Hoog, Research Team

Diane lives in rainy Washington state. She is a genealogist, Adoption Reunion Search Angel, analyst, computer technologist, internet marketing consultant, photographer and historian. She became involved in genealogy to complete a project that her parents had started. As a result of adding these skills to her repertoire, she started getting requests to find people for friends who had lost touch with former classmates. This led to one day being asked to find a birth mother, which opened a whole new world of need and service to others. For the first time, she felt she really had found her purpose in life. She has hundreds of successful reunions in her career. She specializes in the difficult that require higher level analytical skills to solve.

In addition, Diane has raised 4 children and has 12 grandchildren to share her interests with. She also has 3 dogs and 2 cats. Every summer she and her husband travel to Maine to visit family and find old family in cemeteries. They visit many historical sites along the way. She is also an active contributor to Findagrave, locating and photographing gravesites for other genealogists.

Laura Bartling

Laura Bartling, Research Team

Laura has lived in Cape Coral, Florida for over twenty years. She is a licensed private investigator as well as a licensed recovery agent. In the last 30 years she has solved thousands of cases, ranging from adoption-related to missing persons and collections.

"I've been in this business such a long time that it has become a hobby. I love the excitement involved in solving cases and the feeling of satisfaction I get when I am able to find the person I am looking for, whether for good reasons or bad. There's never a dull moment and every day is different!"

Some of the highlights of Laura's career have been helping her sister-in-law and another close friend find their birth families. "They approached me and asked me to help, so we worked together and found the answers they were looking for. I treat every client as a close friend, and strive to put myself in their shoes and understand their feelings."

Laura has 2 children, Brittney and Karl. She loves spending time with them, playing with her dogs, meditating, and practicing Yoga in her spare time.

Pam Kish

Pam Kish, Research Team

Pam lives in Lenoir, North Carolina at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She received an accounting certificate and also worked as a CNA for hospice patients before finding her passion as a researcher seven years ago. During that time she has solved over 700 cases. She is an expert in Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas searches and loves a challenge.

"I enjoy being able to put the pieces of a puzzle together and have it end in a reunion. My husband and my mother are both adoptees and I helped solve both their cases." Pam also enjoys spending time with her three grown children and helping her 12-year-old granddaughter figure out life and the world.

"My goal is to reunite as many people as I can and give them what I have always taken for granted—a heritage. I will work tirelessly to assist clients in finding the person they are searching for."

Patricia Lawrence

Patricia Lawrence, Research Team

"We all have a right to know who we are and where we come from. No matter what we find, it's better than never knowing," she says. SQA researcher Patty is both an adoptee and an adoptive parent. She has 2 natural children and 5 adopted children—all adults now. She began searching for her own birth family when she was 27 years old, but didn't find them until she was 43. "It was well worth the wait," she says.

Her personal experiences motivate her to work hard for the benefit of her clients. She sees each new case as an opportunity to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for another successful reunion. Patty lives in California and she is affiliated with a group called Reconnections of California. She received a college degree in education and has been working in the research field since the early nineties.

Patty Drabing

Patty Drabing, Research Team

Patty Drabing is originally from Louisville KY but now resides in sunny Ft Lauderdale, FL. She is a licensed real estate agent and spent many years in the field of vacation ownership sales and marketing.

Patty comes from a genealogical background and has been active in adoption search and reunion for many years. She has a wide network of resources she has collected throughout the years to aid in her genealogy research.

As a reunited adoptee, she has found her niche in helping others search and reunite with their birth families. She finds it very rewarding to help others grow and heal throughout the search and reunion process.

Patty also enjoys spending time with her family. She is the mother of two grown sons and also has 4 grandchildren. In her spare time, Patty enjoys being outdoors, spending time at the beach and is an avid gardener.